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The Art of Self Promotion

Have you ever wondered how and why some VOSBs are always in the news and always winning some coveted award or special recognition?  Sure you have, we all have.  Ever wondered what they are doing that you’re not doing?  After all, they couldn’t possibly be working any harder to be successful than you’re working.  Maybe it’s the people.  Yeah that’s it, it’s the people.  They have better people than you do – and – they’re super human too?!  Not!  While it is possible another company’s people might be better than yours, chances are they are not.

The above scenario plays itself out countless times during the life of some VOSBs.  Another principle or technique learned during my Network Marketing days is “set yourself on fire and people will come from miles around just to see you burn”.  Translation – furious action or intense activity will attract crowds of people and attention to you.  That is a true statement.  Even if not completely true, you can carefully suggest to people that it is true.  Cause them to believe “you’re the best thing since sliced bread”.  Self promote, self promote, self promote.

What does this look like?  How do you get all the ink that you need and desire?  Here are just a couple examples.  1.  Find special awards and nominate yourself for them, don’t wait on someone else to do it!  Take charge!  2.  Write your own press releases and ensure all the right agencies and all the right publications receive them!  If you wait for other people to do these things for you, some of you will be waiting a very long time.

Remember, he who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooteth!



See you on the high ground!



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