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“Medrano Pride” – letter writing for our troops

I was pleased to be asked to speak recently to DISD Medrano Middle School students during the “Medrano Pride” Initiative. Royalyn Reid, CEO of CMI and a Government Contracting SBDC superstar client, adopted the school last year. This year, Mrs. Reid and CMI challenged the students to participate in a holiday letter writing campaign to the men and women of our military who were in active service to the nation during the holiday season. It is important to note that the students were asked to write the letters over their Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. 

I spoke to the students about the importance of their letter writing campaign and what the letters would mean to our troops. I’ve been on the receiving end of letters from strangers and know first hand how they made me feel and what they meant in my life. It is difficult to adequately describe exactly how much receiving those letters lifted my spirits. The students felt my genuine passion and embraced the importance of the letter writing campaign by responding with over 4,500 letters. The USO Office was touched by the students’ efforts and reported that Medrano Middle School turned in the most letters of any single group.

I’m flattered that Mrs. Reid would say, “Tim’s contributions as a speaker and role model for the kick-off event and celebration finale made a big difference!”


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