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“What’s in your Back Pocket?”

Some time ago I wrote a story about a push-up challenge my then teenage sons issued to me.  My wife was needlessly worried about me as I had been retired a few years and hadn’t regularly done PT since retiring.  In the story I told her, “I keep 50 in my back pocket.”  True to my word, I did and still do.  Needless to say, I smoked my boys like a cheap cigar.

Thinking back to that story inspired this question for you.  What’s in your back pocket?  What special bit of information, skill, speech, quote, elevator pitch or any number of things do you keep in your back pocket ready to serve your will in a moments notice?

Years ago in a foreign land another soldier told me a story his father shared with him.  This soldier’s father was a politician.  The politician told his son that he always keeps a speech in his back pocket because as a politician he never knew when he might be asked to give a speech.  I thought that was really good advice and committed to always keeping something of value in my back pocket as well.  “What’s in your back pocket?” 


See you on the high ground!    




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2 Responses

  1. Awesome Tim! What’s in my back pocket? Certainly, I’m usually at the ready as a “ringer” if needed for a golf tourney (especially hitting from the ladies tees) – and I pride myself in almost always being able to help a person find a solution to an issue or a challenge that’s got them trapped in their perceived “box” – “Just break down that box and step out!” I tell say!

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