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Battle Sight Zero and your Veteran-Owned Small Business

Long before you fire your M16 on a qualification range, you will determine your “Battle Sight Zero”.  You know you have a great “Battle Sight Zero” when you can place 3 rounds inside a circle the size of a nickel from 25 meters away.  This might sound like a relatively easy task to pull off, but believe me, it is not.  When you do this, you can boast of having a “Tight Shot Group” because you really do!

The goal is to have a “Tight Shot Group” in your business as well.  As you might imagine, this is no easy task.  There are so many areas and aspects of your business that can always be improved upon.  Business ownership is a constantly evolving, constantly challenging, experience of a lifetime that I will not attempt to take on or analyze at this time.

Instead, I will take on 1 aspect or vertical of your business.  Essentially, the same topic we’ve been discussing for quite a while now.  I’ll take on your Government Contracting vertical.  When you can successfully answer the 5 “Ws” and the How question that make up the “Rules of Engagement,” you are refining your “Battle Sight Zero” and are well on your way to having a “Tight Shot Group.” 

Remember how good, efficient and effective you were once you determined your “Battle Sight Zero?”  You will have very similar feelings about your business when your shot group is tight.  Share your adventures so we all learn, grow and develop together. 


See you on the high ground! 



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Your Business Development Consultant is like Range Control

How many Firing Ranges have you run or participated in over the course of your career?  I’ll give some of you older, longer serving guys an extra minute or two to think about it.  Chances are, you’ve run or participated in quite a few during the course of your service.  What is the one thing you remember about who was REALLY in charge?  Was it you or was it Range Control?  Range Control – that’s right, it was Range Control. 

In business, it is slightly different.  As the owner you ALWAYS have ultimate control of your business and of its actions.  Your Business Development Consultant, if you decide to bring one on to help guide the growth of your company, is there to help keep your “azimuth of fire” straight and to ensure you are laid and safe on the target.  He/she must ensure you are “street legal” at all times.

On the firing range, Range Control tells you when the range is in a Hot or Cold status.  You must request permission from Range Control to change the status of the firing range.  You must conduct periodic communication checks and submit a close out report with Range Control before you can clear the range.  In your own business, that level of accountability to someone else is optional, or is it?  Having someone to hold your feet to the fire is a very good thing and I encourage you to have that person.

We can learn a lot from our time in uniform.  We are more prepared for business and ownership than we might think.  When you’re told you’re over or under qualified for jobs after leaving service, take it all in stride.  They are just giving you more reasons and the motivations to become an independent business owner.


See you on the high ground!

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Rules of the Road and Government Contracting

When I was a sophomore in high school, I had a math instructor that told me, “Mr. Woods, you have to know the Rules of the Road before you can travel.”  Since I was not a very good math student, it took me a little longer to fully grasp what he was saying to me.  But, when I got, I got it and I’ve remembered his lesson all these years later.

The same message is true for our foray into Government Contracting as well.  We too must understand and know the “Rules of the Road” as they relate to Veterans and other Small Business types contracting with the government.  The goal is to ultimately KNOW these rules, but at a minimum, we must know where to find the answers.

When contracting personnel give you weak excuses why something can’t happen, you need to know where to go to find out if what you were told is correct.  You need to know what you’re entitled to and how to demand it.  You need to know what to do when you lose a bid/proposal.  You need to know who to speak to if you run into a roadblock at one level (think chain of command).  Everybody works for somebody.

Here are a few resources you will find useful:

  1. They are FAR Part 19; that covers all of the Small Business Programs.  You can read and learn about only your particular business type or learn about them all.
  2. FAR Part 19.1405 discusses the “Rule of 2”
  3. And 13 CFR 121 – 127 give you more information and details about the Small Business Programs.

Take time to review this information.  It will serve you well.  Share your experiences with us so all of us grow stronger and more knowledgeable.

See you on the high ground!   

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Breaking News about Veterans Business Resources

We are extremely pleased to announce that the Veterans Business Resources (VBR) blog can now be found on the Where In Federal Contracting website, located at  The producers of the wifcon site have been around since 1998.  They obviously have been doing many things right to have survived that long.

Wifcon is an information rich site that specifically addresses the needs of contracting professionals across the federal government.  Wifcon prides itself on always providing the very latest information impacting the federal contracting arena.  If it’s happening in the federal contracting field, you can find it at

In addition to the VBR blog being highlighted on the website, the writer/editor of the VBR blog is also a Government Contracting columnist and “Ask the Expert” contributor for Vetrepreneur Magazine.  Vetrepreneur is the official magazine of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA).

Stay tune for more exciting news.  The future is bright and getting brighter all the time.  As always, we welcome your comments, questions and/or observations.

See you on the high ground!


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