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The Power of the List – Part 2

Another way to realize the power of the list is through the efficiencies it creates.  When we can line through or strike out entries on our lists; we feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of positive productivity, a sense of goal attainment, we feel and can see that we are making progress toward a larger goal.

Recently, while having a conversation with a friend, the discussion turned to lists.  As we talked, he reminded me of the importance of having a To Do List.  He mentioned many of the things listed above.  We each recognized and agreed there is power in the list.  Then, he introduced me to possibly an even more important concept, the Not To Do List.

My friend talked about how he uses his To Do List.  He said that he updates it each night with new tasks to be accomplished the following day.  He commented about how empowering it feels to accomplish tasks on his list.  He went on to explain his Not To Do List.  He said he actually has a list of things that he refuses to do.  Things that hold no real value and will not advance his mission.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of doing busy work.  Doing things that don’t advance your mission.  Doing things that give the false impression that you’re actually being productive.  Keep your focus, be very intentional and use your lists – both the To Do and Not to Do.


See you on the high ground!



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