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Thoughts while Walking

Back in the day, this was called “Thoughts while Running.”  Time and circumstances have a funny way of helping us adjust expectations and outcomes.  One thing is for sure, I am NOT a service-disabled Veteran simply because the government felt generous and wanted to reward me for being a nice person.  The same applies for you as well.

With all you and your body have been through.  To finally arrive at this place of being classified as service-disabled.  How could you or why would you let anyone exploit that fact?  The federal government recognizes our service and the sacrifices that left us physically and in some cases mentally unable to perform as well as otherwise healthy persons.

There are laws and executive orders that address our particular area when contracting with the federal government.  It’s our job to know what they are and how to apply them.  In short, we must know what we’re entitled to and how to demand it.  Arm yourself with knowledge and apply it to your particular situation.

Don’t let people exploit you.  When you do, it doesn’t just negatively impact you.  It negatively impacts the entire Veteran community.


See you on the high ground!      


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