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Why you and not me?

Have you ever asked yourself that question about some event, circumstance or situation in your life?  Perhaps it happened way back in junior high or high school.  Perhaps it involved a boy or a girl that you wanted to take to dinner and a movie.  Maybe it wasn’t that earth shattering at all.  Maybe it was as simple as being chosen to play in a pick-up game of basketball, jump rope or dodge ball.

Why choose that other person and NOT me?  Can’t you see I’m just as passionate, just as committed, just as deserving as that other person?  Can you articulate why you should be chosen?  Why do good things always seem to happen to and for that OTHER person and NOT you?

One possible answer is MARKETING.  Everything we do is marketing.  Everything we say is marketing.  The way we look and dress is marketing.  The books and magazines we read is marketing.  The people we associate with is marketing.  The ideas we discuss is marketing.

Think about MARKETING the next time you find yourself asking “why them and not me?”  How well are you MARKETING your brand?


See you on the high ground!



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