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PCS; not just Permanent Change of Station

In the U.S. Army, PCS means Permanent Change of Station.  I’m not certain it means the same thing in the other branches of service.  Since I was a soldier once and young, I’ll talk about what I know/knew to be true.  Since my earliest days as a warfighter, I have known PCS to mean Permanent Change of Station.  For purposes of this story, we’ll go with that definition.

When a person or family completed their assignment at one location and was moving to another assignment, they were said to PCS or have a Permanent Change of Station move.  Today, that acronym has a different meaning for me and us in general.  In our world of Government Contracting, PCS helps identify the evaluation criteria used to determine a contract winner.

In the world of Government Contracting, PCS means; Performance, Cost and Schedule.  Can you perform?  Have you performed this or similar type work?  How well did you perform?  What was the cost then?  What is the cost now?  How does your cost compare to other offerors?  What is your delivery schedule?  How soon can you do the work?  How long will it take you to complete the work?  What is your ramp up time?  Some of the 5 “Ws” and the “How” question work well here.

Does this help?  Does it make sense?  These are key parts of any proposal or bid you submit.  Make sure you cover these points every time.


See you on the high ground!




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