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Lessons from the Gunnery Gods at Fort Sill “U”

Every Field Artillery Officer MUST be proficient in Gunnery, at least that was the case several years ago when I attended Fort Sill “U” and I imagine that is still the case.  When I matriculated through Snow Hall we learned about many things, probably none more important than Gunnery.

We learned how various factors, including the elements could adversely affect the accuracy of fires we were attempting to put on target.  We learned about the physics, we learned about drift, we learned about accuracy and placement, we learned about survey, we learned how meteorological conditions impact precision.

We also learned that one of the best things we could do to help compensate for all the factors negatively impacting our accuracy of fires was to calibrate our howitzers.  Let me suggest to you the need to calibrate your businesses from time to time.  In our businesses, just as with the howitzers, we want to ensure we are achieving our objectives.

Take time to calibrate your business.  You just might be surprised at what you discover.  The information you discover can be used to get your business back on track, if it was off track or keep it running smoothly.


See you on the high ground!      


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