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Understanding and leveraging the awesome power of certifications, positioning and contracting with the federal government have propelled many businesses to unbelievable heights. What will it do for you and your business? Let Woods Consulting Group position your business to win government contracts.


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On January 28th, 2013, Astra sat down with Sandy Hunter, President of Hunter Hawk, Inc. Take five and read on to hear how Sandy leverages the Astra WBENC network for success.


1. You’ve been an Astra/WBENC WBE for more than ten years. What turned you onto the Astra/WBENC network?

The Shell Martinez Refinery requested that I become certified. I was very resistant because I didn’t understand the need; I was already doing business with Shell and other refineries. My initial reaction is that no one should have access to my business information. Suzanne Lackman, Vice-President of Astra Women’s Business Alliance told me straight up,” You will conform to the WBENC standards or you will not be certified.”  Even though that doesn’t sound like a good beginning, I consider Suzanne the champion of Astra/WBENC standards and I cherish her support.  Both Suzanne and her sister and co-founder Diane McClelland work tirelessly…

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  1. Adib Muslim says:

    I am a Veteran(non-disabled) that is a Co owner of a New registered small business with Female (non-vet)Co owner and I am tying to find out what benefits are available to us.This is my first visit to THIS site. i have been trying to complete the questionaire on my cell phone because of technical issues with my ISP which fluctuate but could not. I will attempt to complete the questionaire online now that the tech issue seems to be solved,@ least for the moment. Pls. advise
    Adib Muslim

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