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Opportunity plus Successful Performance = Reputation for Dependable Quality Work

You finally got your Opportunity AND you were prepared!  You knocked it out of the park!  You showed everybody that you can “Stand and Deliver.”  Congratulations!  You did it – now do it again and again and again!  You’re making money, you’re building an impressive resume and most importantly, you’re building your REPUTATION.

You’re building a reputation for dependable, quality work.  Life has shown time and time again that news and reputations spread like wild fire.  That can be both a good and a bad thing.  In your case, it’s a very good thing.  Your POSITION is getting better and stronger with each passing job.  You’re headed in the right direction.


See you on the high ground!    


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Past Performance and the Confidence of Contracting Officers

Not long ago, we talked about Risk vs. Reward.  We shared that the government wants to do business with contractors capable of taking on significant risk while at the same time being able to “stand and deliver.”  For meeting those requirements and bringing those qualities to the table, the government most generously rewards its contractors.

Yea, but how can the government really verify you are who you say you are and that you can do what you say you can do?  Recently, the federal government introduce the world to the System for Acquisition Management or SAM.  SAM consolidated the information of several databases into just one.  Part of your SAM registration includes the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS). 

The DSBS is one of your biggest and most powerful marketing tools!  This is where you get to shout to the world how great you really are and to list all your capabilities!  You get to say who you’ve worked for, what you did for them, when you did the work, where you did the work, how much they can expect to pay and even list the person they can call to verify your claims.

What I just described is one way of giving Contracting Officers confidence in you, your company and your ability to “stand and deliver.”  What was just described is your Past Performance History.  It’s a critical piece of you winning contract awards.  What does your DSBS say about you?  How much confidence do Contracting Officers have in you and your company?


See you on the high ground!    


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Verification, Law of the Land?

The “Small Business Contracting Fraud Prevention Act of 2011” (S.633) was passed by the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship with unanimous consent on September 21.  The bill mandates that all federal agencies verify SDVOSB status through the Veterans Affairs VetBiz database of certified SDVOSB.  All federal Contracting Officers would verify SDVOSB status of businesses that bid on government contracts before contracts are awarded. 

With this legislation and Veteran Affairs ratcheting up the verification requirements and completely scrubbing the VIP database, things should start to look better for VOSBs and SDVOSBs.  More contract awards should begin to flow to legitimate businesses owned and controlled by Veterans and Service-Disabled Veterans.  If and or when this Act becomes law, will it eliminate ALL the fraud in our program – of course not.  Is it a step in the right direction – of course it is. 

At this point, the best we can do is comply with the requirements placed on us, continue to police ourselves and observe what the real impact of this legislation will be. 


See you on the high ground!



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Government Contracting IQ

What is your Government Contracting IQ?  How much do you really know about this business you’re about to invest your life into?  Is your Government Contracting IQ lacking in any area(s)?  Is this potential lack of knowledge costing your VOSB missed opportunities?  Even worse, is your lack of knowledge costing you and your VOSB money?  Is someone exploiting your lifelong Veteran status or your 9 year SBA 8(a) status?  How about any of the other Small Business designations?  Does someone you’re in business with or perhaps in competition with understand certifications or designations better than you and leverage them to their fullest potential? 

No one can know everything about everything, period.  Would you agree with that statement?  Let’s take that idea even further; no one can even know something about everything.  At best, most of us can only hope to know something about the things that interest us most.  Typically, we KNOW our jobs and our work very well!  Repetition has a funny way of causing that to happen.  We strive to learn and know about other aspects of our work and passions.  In the military, we often cross trained and knew how to perform multiple jobs or tasks.  That is a very valuable and marketable skill we still possess, don’t discount it. 

What happens when the Government Contracting Environment exceeds your Government Contracting IQ?  How do you continue to move forward with certainty and success?  What happens when you reach that “Critical Point on the Battlefield?”  There are several options available to solve for these questions.  You can “study yourself approved,” you can get FREE help through various support organizations; you can add someone with the requisite expertise to your team or you could even retain the services of a Coach or a Consultant.  The choice is yours.  I am confident you will make the best and right choice for your particular situation. 


See you on the high ground!   


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