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Rent-a-Vet and Easy Money

Everyone reading this has heard the term Rent-a-Vet.  But what does it actually mean, what does it look like, how does it actually work?  Rent-a-Vet happens when you allow yourself to be “PIMPED” by someone only interested in using your service to the nation and possible disability to access a set-aside contract designated for you or other Veterans.

In the highly lucrative world of Government Contracting, the seductive lure of easy money can be tempting, especially when you’re not being successful through your own efforts.  You can become tired, frustrated, irritated and almost hopeless.  Other people know and will use it to their advantage whenever and wherever possible.

Even though you know this practice is wrong, some of you will do it anyway. Doing so will hurt your fellow Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).  You will take money off the table that; should be used to enrich the lives of your deserving family, should be reinvested in your business to make it bigger, stronger and better, could be used to team with another VOSB to help both companies grow and be able to successfully compete for future work.  And, you SET YOUR SELF UP TO GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL AND PAY A HUGE FINE!


See you on the high ground!



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Thoughts while Walking

Back in the day, this was called “Thoughts while Running.”  Time and circumstances have a funny way of helping us adjust expectations and outcomes.  One thing is for sure, I am NOT a service-disabled Veteran simply because the government felt generous and wanted to reward me for being a nice person.  The same applies for you as well.

With all you and your body have been through.  To finally arrive at this place of being classified as service-disabled.  How could you or why would you let anyone exploit that fact?  The federal government recognizes our service and the sacrifices that left us physically and in some cases mentally unable to perform as well as otherwise healthy persons.

There are laws and executive orders that address our particular area when contracting with the federal government.  It’s our job to know what they are and how to apply them.  In short, we must know what we’re entitled to and how to demand it.  Arm yourself with knowledge and apply it to your particular situation.

Don’t let people exploit you.  When you do, it doesn’t just negatively impact you.  It negatively impacts the entire Veteran community.


See you on the high ground!      

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Double Talk and P.L. 109-461

We are a wake up from the 8th Annual National Veterans Small Business Conference and Expo in Detroit.  While I am admittedly excited about attending the conference again this year, I am also not interested in more “double talk” from the very organization that is, because we are. 

My American Heritage Dictionary defines “double talk” as ambiguous or evasive language.  In the case of the VA’s position on P.L. 109-461, our use of the phrase “double talk” is most appropriate.  For those of us new to Government Contracting, P. L. 109-461 is the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006, which gives priority in contracting with the VA to SDVOSBs and VOSBs.

Michael Franks, the Grammy award winning lyrical genius describes “Double Talk” like this.  Every time I asked you to be truthful you lied | And when I lost my temper you cried | Crocodile tears and spoke double talk | It’s the same old alibis and stories again | All you ever give me is double talk.  You’re so jive – sometimes I think your brain was mislaid | You’ve broken every promise you made | You ought to see a doctor for double talk.   

If the very organization that is, because we are refuses to honor and obey P.L. 109-461 and makes it increasingly difficult to get our businesses verified, how are we to compete successfully for contract awards?  Hundreds, if not thousands of Veterans are losing business and many others have gone out of business because of the ineptitude in which the VIP program is managed and administered.  There has to be a better solution.  What are your thoughts?


See you on the high ground!  


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Oxygen Thieves and Your Veteran-Owned Small Business

An “Oxygen Thief” is someone that serves no positive purpose.  They just suck up good, fresh air that positive, forward thinking, success oriented people need.  We have all experienced these people.  Without exception, those experiences have always been bad, especially for us.  These are the people that seem to hang around just to rain on your parade.  They bring you down with their constant negative energy. 

These people wear many different disguises.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Most look like normal people.  They might even come in the form of your good friend or business partner.  You know, the person that always sees the glass as half empty and never half full.  Often, their mere presence can suck the life out of a room filled with people.  

Nothing in their lives is ever right and they try to convince you that nothing is all that great in your life either.  The people always content with accepting the status quo.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  The people never wanting to strive to achieve the next level of success.  The people never wanting to take a chance at something better and worse still, discouraging you from taking a chance at something better.  

Take inventory of your life, if you are not achieving your goals and dreams, there just might be an “Oxygen Thief” somewhere in the picture.  As long as you allow these people to hang around you will always continue to struggle and doubt yourself.  Dare to be bold enough to make positive changes in your life; distance yourself from your “Oxygen Thief” get refocused and back on track.  Surround yourself with positive, productive people. 


See you on the high ground!

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