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Rent-a-Vet and Easy Money

Everyone reading this has heard the term Rent-a-Vet.  But what does it actually mean, what does it look like, how does it actually work?  Rent-a-Vet happens when you allow yourself to be “PIMPED” by someone only interested in using your service to the nation and possible disability to access a set-aside contract designated for you or other Veterans.

In the highly lucrative world of Government Contracting, the seductive lure of easy money can be tempting, especially when you’re not being successful through your own efforts.  You can become tired, frustrated, irritated and almost hopeless.  Other people know and will use it to their advantage whenever and wherever possible.

Even though you know this practice is wrong, some of you will do it anyway. Doing so will hurt your fellow Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).  You will take money off the table that; should be used to enrich the lives of your deserving family, should be reinvested in your business to make it bigger, stronger and better, could be used to team with another VOSB to help both companies grow and be able to successfully compete for future work.  And, you SET YOUR SELF UP TO GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL AND PAY A HUGE FINE!


See you on the high ground!



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POL is the Price of Leadership

Here is another Army acronym that some of you will be familiar with.  POL; that used to mean Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants, but for me, it now means Price of Leadership.  The concept is quite simple, really, but the practical application is more of a challenge.  Following, are some examples of what I mean.

When you’re the leader and in a leadership position, you must reward and punish everyone equally.  That only makes sense, right.  Sounds pretty straight forward and simple enough,  but everything changes when we add friends and family in the mix.  Man, you can’t hold your friends and family accountable like everyone else, right?

Not only can you, but you must!  But these are some of the people you have to live and socialize with.  You don’t want to cause tension at home or with your friends.  You fought and worked hard to get your promotion and new leadership position.  Now my friend, you are experiencing the Price of Leadership.  Everything has a price.  If you don’t already know this, you soon will.

Your favorite sports team is playing at home tonight AND you have a major report due to your boss tomorrow morning.  This game helps determine the playoff picture and the stadium will be packed.  You remember that your boss promised the Regional Office they would have her report in 2 days.  We know that you really what to go to the game, but you can’t!  This too, is the Price of Leadership.

Have you ever experienced the Price of Leadership?  Share your experiences with the group.



See you on the high ground!     


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“A Time and a Season”

There is “A Time and a Season” for everything.  We’ve all heard that phrase at different points in our lives.  Generally, we’ve heard it from a sage elder statesman or elder stateswoman or perhaps even read it in one of our favorite books.  Whatever the case might be, we’ve reached that place in this phase of our evolution.

Life is amazing as the forces of nature can, will and often do conspire to move us forward, to stretch us beyond our comfort zones and perceived levels of development.  It calls us to even greater areas of enlightenment, purpose and responsibility.  Such is the case for me; that time is now and that season has come.

So, effective COB on 27 Sep 12, I’m transitioning from life with the North Texas Small Business Development Center network and to life as an independent consultant with Woods Consulting Group.  I will continue to publish the Veterans Business Resources blog and Facebook page.  I will continue to serve – Mission First, Soldier Always! 

This platform allows me the unique and special opportunity to share with and serve a community of Veterans, patriots and entrepreneurs interested in making the U.S. Government their #1 customer.  With your help, we can take this message and these lessons to an ever-increasing audience.  The time and season to spread this message is now.  Will you help us?


See you on the high ground! 


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2012 National Veterans Conference; the Secretary Speaks

VBR, this year’s National Veterans Conference is in the books – stick a fork in it, it is done.  I have heard mixed reviews about this year’s conference.  Some flattering comments and some not so flattering comments.  Regardless of where you come down on the conference, one thing is for sure, news was made and communicated to the attendees.

During the Dining with Decision Makers Plenary Luncheon and Awards Ceremony, Mr. Eric Shinseki, Secretary, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs made some potentially powerful statements about SDVOSBs and VOSBs contracting with the VA.  According to the General, not only will VA honor and obey P.L. 109-461, but this is how they will honor it:

  1. All potential awards not going to SDVOSBs or VOSBs must be reviewed and signed off by a senior executive before award is made.
  2. All potential Federal Supply Schedule awards not going to the same group must likewise be reviewed and signed off by a senior executive.
  3. The VIP Verification process will be and has been simplified.  There is now bi-annual re-verification of the VIP database and
  4. The VA Mentor Protégé Program has expanded from 25 to 50 agreements.

Mr. Shinseki actually made more declarative statements about the VA’s interactions with the Veteran business community, but these are 4 points that deserve special mention and attention.  These announcements can be game changers!  Or, they could just be more “Double Talk.”  What do you think?


See you on the high ground! 

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