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Double Talk and P.L. 109-461

We are a wake up from the 8th Annual National Veterans Small Business Conference and Expo in Detroit.  While I am admittedly excited about attending the conference again this year, I am also not interested in more “double talk” from the very organization that is, because we are. 

My American Heritage Dictionary defines “double talk” as ambiguous or evasive language.  In the case of the VA’s position on P.L. 109-461, our use of the phrase “double talk” is most appropriate.  For those of us new to Government Contracting, P. L. 109-461 is the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006, which gives priority in contracting with the VA to SDVOSBs and VOSBs.

Michael Franks, the Grammy award winning lyrical genius describes “Double Talk” like this.  Every time I asked you to be truthful you lied | And when I lost my temper you cried | Crocodile tears and spoke double talk | It’s the same old alibis and stories again | All you ever give me is double talk.  You’re so jive – sometimes I think your brain was mislaid | You’ve broken every promise you made | You ought to see a doctor for double talk.   

If the very organization that is, because we are refuses to honor and obey P.L. 109-461 and makes it increasingly difficult to get our businesses verified, how are we to compete successfully for contract awards?  Hundreds, if not thousands of Veterans are losing business and many others have gone out of business because of the ineptitude in which the VIP program is managed and administered.  There has to be a better solution.  What are your thoughts?


See you on the high ground!  



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“What’s in your Back Pocket?”

Some time ago I wrote a story about a push-up challenge my then teenage sons issued to me.  My wife was needlessly worried about me as I had been retired a few years and hadn’t regularly done PT since retiring.  In the story I told her, “I keep 50 in my back pocket.”  True to my word, I did and still do.  Needless to say, I smoked my boys like a cheap cigar.

Thinking back to that story inspired this question for you.  What’s in your back pocket?  What special bit of information, skill, speech, quote, elevator pitch or any number of things do you keep in your back pocket ready to serve your will in a moments notice?

Years ago in a foreign land another soldier told me a story his father shared with him.  This soldier’s father was a politician.  The politician told his son that he always keeps a speech in his back pocket because as a politician he never knew when he might be asked to give a speech.  I thought that was really good advice and committed to always keeping something of value in my back pocket as well.  “What’s in your back pocket?” 


See you on the high ground!    



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Being Busy verses Being Effective in your Veteran-Owned Small Business

You come to work early and go home late, everyday. You’re busy from the moment you walk in until you turn the lights off at night.  Your business still is not running on all cylinders.  What more can you do?  Each night when you go home, you’re spent, completely exhausted.  There has got to be a better way.  Yep, there is, and we’re going to help you find it.

First thing first, get organized.  You must get and stay organized.  File or action all the stacks of paper on your desk.  Write out your “To Do” list the night before so your efforts will be focused and organized for the next day.  This way you don’t waste time the next morning trying to remember what you’re suppose to be doing.

Use the O.H.I.O. rule everywhere and every time you can.  Only Handle It Once.  It is important to say here that an action passed is not an action completed.

There can be great temptation to put out fires all day, but does that advance your efforts to build a world-class business?  Learn to prioritize all the things that must be done during the course of the day.  Identify all the things that MUST be done by you – when possible delegate everything else.

Brian Tracy says “eat that frog” everyday.  Do the most difficult tasks first thing everyday and stick with it until the task is complete.  I know you will soon see your production go way up.

See you on the high ground!         

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Mission First, Soldier Always!

Recently I had an opportunity to participate with one of our star clients Mrs. Royalyn Reid, President and CEO of CMI in their annual Medrano PRIDE Community Service Pep Rally.  I had the pleasure of addressing a gym full of screaming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  Mrs. Reid and CMI are freely sharing of their financial success and good fortune in giving back to the community.  They adopted this middle school 2 years ago and this year are enlisting their help in a letter writing campaign for our service members stationed around the world during this coming holiday season.

While virtually every Veteran reading this post understands what its like to be on duty far, far away from home and away from family during the holiday season.  Some people reading this may not have had that experience.  All Veterans reading this post know that when you wear the uniform, the mission will always dictate just how much of the holiday spirit and cheer you can enjoy, and rightfully so.  Also, while almost every Veteran reading this post understands what its like to have “mail call” while in the field, on maneuvers or whatever your service happens to call it.  Still, others may not.

Can you imagine seeing a truck full of mail heading to your location and you absolutely knowing several pieces of the mail is addressed to you?  Can you imagine standing in a formation of 600 or so service members waiting for your name to be called during “mail call,” only to have “mail call” end without your name being called a single time?  Can you imagine having this scene play itself out for you week after week, month after month?  Can you imagine how devastating that is for a young person?  Can you imagine how devastating that is for anybody?

What Mrs. Reid, her staff and the students at Medrano Middle School are doing with their letter writing campaign will absolutely make a huge difference in the lives of many young and old service members during this holiday season.  Many of the kids are probably too young to truly understand the significance of their actions, but take it from someone who knows.  Folks, what they are doing is absolutely huge!


See you on the high ground!


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