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Going from the Vendor List to being a Preferred Vendor

We already know that “Business Development” is a critical step in the development, growth and continued viability of our firms.  We already know that we must somehow let the primes and federal government know who we are.  We already know that subcontracting can be a perfect vehicle to break into the world of contracting.

We already know that going after micro purchases or jobs at the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) is also another way to break into the world of contracting.  We already know the best ways to make these critical steps a reality is through Networking, Marketing, attending site visits, progress briefings, pre-bid conferences and asking for work.

We already know these things are good for our businesses but “How” and “Why” do they really make a difference.  Getting registered and certified in all the right places is a game changer because countless others don’t realize they need to do it and thus will not do it.  That simple step alone sets you apart from upwards of 95% of the other small businesses out here.

Virtually every public contract opportunity has strict diversity goals that “MUST” be met.  If no one knows whom you are and what your capabilities and qualifications are, then who loses?  More tips on this topic later.


See you on the high ground! 


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Certified and Homegrown help Minority Businesses

Recently I attended an agency’s Business Update Meeting about a local project in the greater Dallas area.  Mind you, this meeting could and in fact does happen virtually everyday in Anywhere, USA.  There was plenty of networking before and after the meeting.

The City officials talked about the project in detail, discussing contracting opportunities directly and indirectly impacting the project.  Two points stood out more than anything else.  First, there were an unusually high percentage of contracting opportunities available to minority firms.  Second, there was an absolute requirement to use local contractors on the project.

No, there are no preferences for Veterans in the State of Texas.  That’s a different story for another time.  There are however minority participation goals for this city and this state.  What about where you live?  Do you know?  You should, because you could be letting opportunities and money slip right through your fingers.

Find out about certification requirements and using local contractors on projects where you live.  Essentially, if you are part of the tax base, you deserve an opportunity to be part of the contractor team for area projects.


See you on the high ground!


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Past Performance and the Confidence of Contracting Officers

Not long ago, we talked about Risk vs. Reward.  We shared that the government wants to do business with contractors capable of taking on significant risk while at the same time being able to “stand and deliver.”  For meeting those requirements and bringing those qualities to the table, the government most generously rewards its contractors.

Yea, but how can the government really verify you are who you say you are and that you can do what you say you can do?  Recently, the federal government introduce the world to the System for Acquisition Management or SAM.  SAM consolidated the information of several databases into just one.  Part of your SAM registration includes the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS). 

The DSBS is one of your biggest and most powerful marketing tools!  This is where you get to shout to the world how great you really are and to list all your capabilities!  You get to say who you’ve worked for, what you did for them, when you did the work, where you did the work, how much they can expect to pay and even list the person they can call to verify your claims.

What I just described is one way of giving Contracting Officers confidence in you, your company and your ability to “stand and deliver.”  What was just described is your Past Performance History.  It’s a critical piece of you winning contract awards.  What does your DSBS say about you?  How much confidence do Contracting Officers have in you and your company?


See you on the high ground!    


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Why you and not me?

Have you ever asked yourself that question about some event, circumstance or situation in your life?  Perhaps it happened way back in junior high or high school.  Perhaps it involved a boy or a girl that you wanted to take to dinner and a movie.  Maybe it wasn’t that earth shattering at all.  Maybe it was as simple as being chosen to play in a pick-up game of basketball, jump rope or dodge ball.

Why choose that other person and NOT me?  Can’t you see I’m just as passionate, just as committed, just as deserving as that other person?  Can you articulate why you should be chosen?  Why do good things always seem to happen to and for that OTHER person and NOT you?

One possible answer is MARKETING.  Everything we do is marketing.  Everything we say is marketing.  The way we look and dress is marketing.  The books and magazines we read is marketing.  The people we associate with is marketing.  The ideas we discuss is marketing.

Think about MARKETING the next time you find yourself asking “why them and not me?”  How well are you MARKETING your brand?


See you on the high ground!


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