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The Art of Self Promotion

Have you ever wondered how and why some VOSBs are always in the news and always winning some coveted award or special recognition?  Sure you have, we all have.  Ever wondered what they are doing that you’re not doing?  After all, they couldn’t possibly be working any harder to be successful than you’re working.  Maybe it’s the people.  Yeah that’s it, it’s the people.  They have better people than you do – and – they’re super human too?!  Not!  While it is possible another company’s people might be better than yours, chances are they are not.

The above scenario plays itself out countless times during the life of some VOSBs.  Another principle or technique learned during my Network Marketing days is “set yourself on fire and people will come from miles around just to see you burn”.  Translation – furious action or intense activity will attract crowds of people and attention to you.  That is a true statement.  Even if not completely true, you can carefully suggest to people that it is true.  Cause them to believe “you’re the best thing since sliced bread”.  Self promote, self promote, self promote.

What does this look like?  How do you get all the ink that you need and desire?  Here are just a couple examples.  1.  Find special awards and nominate yourself for them, don’t wait on someone else to do it!  Take charge!  2.  Write your own press releases and ensure all the right agencies and all the right publications receive them!  If you wait for other people to do these things for you, some of you will be waiting a very long time.

Remember, he who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooteth!



See you on the high ground!



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PMCS for your VOSB

Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) for your Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).  Today, pulling maintenance on your business is just as important as when you pulled maintenance on your vehicle or other equipment all those years ago as a young troop.  After you were properly trained, tested and qualified, your leaders held you responsible and accountable for that (fill in the blank).

In my world, at that time, it was an M109A2 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer.  A multi-million dollar piece of equipment that was like the American Express credit card to the Infantry and Armor units we supported.  There position was “Never leave home without it.”  Since the Field Artillery is the “King of Battle,” not being ready at a moments notice was never an option.  Ahhh, what great memories.  Now, it’s back to our story.

We were qualified to perform all the maintenance, checks and services listed in the – 10.  Anything above that was referred to a higher level of maintenance.  It’s very similar in business as well.  There are some areas that you are qualified to check and others that you are not (this will obviously depend on your education, background and expertise).  It’s your responsibility to learn what those things are and get busy checking them – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever is necessary.

It’s also your responsibility to learn what areas of your business require a higher level of expertise than you possess.  When you identify those areas, don’t hesitate to elevate those requirements to a higher level of maintenance.  You would never hesitate to elevate problems with your M109A2 to a higher maintenance – don’t hesitate with your VOSB either.

See you on the high ground!           


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“Nothing Comes to Sleepers”

With the sunshine comes the dawning on a day | Still another dream has come and slipped away | Scattered visions of the things you want to be | Make you open up your mind and try to see | How to make dreams come true | Ohh life is but a dream…Nothing Comes to Sleepers but a Dream.  Some of you might recognize these words as the first verse of the song “Nothing Comes to Sleepers,” by that 1970s and 1980s funk band, the Gap Band. 

Even if you recognized the words, you still might ask yourself what they have to do with Government Contracting.  The words to this song serve as a reminder to me and everyone reading this post that we can’t “SLEEP” (procrastinate) on our opportunity and our responsibility to help the U.S. economy recover.  We know the economic engine that will drive this recovery is the Small Business, specifically the Veteran-Owned Small Business.  I want Veterans and our businesses to be at the very forefront in leading the U.S. economy back to prominence. 

The words of this song also remind us that a dream without a plan of execution to make it a reality is just another dream that has come and slipped away.  Many of us have visions of starting new businesses; others of us have visions of expanding our existing businesses – the dream.  The time to execute is now!  How to make dreams come true.  When we combine these two perspectives, it should be easy to see that without a plan to compliment our dreams and without execution of that plan, “Nothing Comes to Sleepers but a Dream.” 


See you on the high ground!



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The Contracting Decision Cycle

Over the past year and a half or so, we have spent a considerable amount of time talking about “The Process.”  I believe that most of us are able to look at virtually any action, activity or event and identify “the process” involved to make it happen.  Likewise, I want you to now consider another similar concept in that it gives you even more critical insights and information that you can effectively leverage to your advantage.

The concept I want you to consider is the “Contracting Decision Cycle.”  What is the Contracting Decision Cycle?  The decision to contract for a supply or a service is rarely, if ever made in a vacuum.  Typically, multiple players are involved in “The Process.”  When does it happen?  Where does it happen?  Who are the players involved?  What are their considerations?  Who are the influencers?  When are Contracting Decisions made?  Can Contracting Decisions be influenced by outsiders?  If so, how can I influence them?  

When you are able to answer the questions above, you will also be able to insert yourself into the “Contracting Decision Cycle” and potentially influence the Contracting Decision in your favor.  

This concept is a slightly modified version of a U.S. Army Tactics class concept.  All that military training has more civilian applications than some might initially think.  Let me know your thoughts. 


See you on the high ground!


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