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“A Time and a Season”

There is “A Time and a Season” for everything.  We’ve all heard that phrase at different points in our lives.  Generally, we’ve heard it from a sage elder statesman or elder stateswoman or perhaps even read it in one of our favorite books.  Whatever the case might be, we’ve reached that place in this phase of our evolution.

Life is amazing as the forces of nature can, will and often do conspire to move us forward, to stretch us beyond our comfort zones and perceived levels of development.  It calls us to even greater areas of enlightenment, purpose and responsibility.  Such is the case for me; that time is now and that season has come.

So, effective COB on 27 Sep 12, I’m transitioning from life with the North Texas Small Business Development Center network and to life as an independent consultant with Woods Consulting Group.  I will continue to publish the Veterans Business Resources blog and Facebook page.  I will continue to serve – Mission First, Soldier Always! 

This platform allows me the unique and special opportunity to share with and serve a community of Veterans, patriots and entrepreneurs interested in making the U.S. Government their #1 customer.  With your help, we can take this message and these lessons to an ever-increasing audience.  The time and season to spread this message is now.  Will you help us?


See you on the high ground! 



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Flags, Fireworks and Parades for The 4th of July

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting home – alone.  Well not exactly, Michael Franks is playing in the background as I reflect on the past week.  I attended the 8th Annual National Veterans Small Business Conference and Expo at the Cobo Center in Detroit.  That was quite the experience, but I’ll share that story with you a little later.

I’d just started getting into the saxophone solo on Eighteen Aprils when I was startled back into reality by what sounded like a firecracker.  Impossible, this is inside city limits and no firecrackers or ordnance of any type will be discharged inside city limits, right?  Oh well, I guess we’re just getting an early start on the annual fireworks that accompany most 4th of July celebrations.

When I went to check mail this morning I saw a small U.S. flag sticking in the ground near our mailbox.  As I looked down our street, I noticed that each yard had a similar flag sticking in the ground near their mailboxes as well.  A sure tell tale sign that we’re getting ready to celebrate the 4th.  My neighborhood has done this for as long as I can remember.  We will also have a neighborhood/community parade.

While these are all very nice ways to celebrate our Independence Day, let me offer something else for you to consider.  Walk up to a service member and say “Thank You.”     Thank you for “standing in the gap” and providing the freedoms we enjoy yesterday, today and tomorrow.  If you’re a business owner or executive with hiring authority, offer the Veteran a job.  Can we do this?


See you on the high ground!

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Deliverables from the National Veterans Conference

This time next week, many of us will be preparing to leave home en route to Detroit, others of us will already be there.  We’ve waited a full year for the National Veterans Conference and its almost here again!  Can you feel the excitement and the anticipation?  I’m ready to get started, how about you?

I’ve heard some people describe their attendance of the National Veterans Conference as old school week, a class reunion of sorts.  There is little doubt that many old friendships will be renewed and comrades from duty assignments long past will appear in the sea of conventioneers attending the conference next week.  I’m equally confident that many war and sports stories will also be told and retold during the week.

While everything just described can be wonderfully enjoyable experiences, they are not among the primary reasons we’ve chosen to once again attend the National Veterans Conference.  There are serious business issues that must be addressed and worked out so Veterans with Veteran-Owned Small Businesses can have resolution as we leave Detroit, go back home and continue to build and grow our businesses.

Among the top issues conveyed to me are; 1. The VA’s unwillingness to honor and support PL 109-461, the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006, which gives priority to VOSBs in contracting with the VA, 2.  The seeming inability to register in the VIP database in a reasonable period of time and 3. The amount and type information requested for registration and verification.  The current process appears to be very subjective.

What are the Deliverables from the National Veterans Conference?  Let us know your thoughts.


See you on the high ground!

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What’s on your Career “Bucket List?”

Most, if not all of us saw the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie, “The Bucket List.”  Also, most of us took to heart the movie’s message of being intentional about what you want in life and going for it.  The movie also reminded us that life is precious, that life is fragile and that life is way, way too short!

In the movie Jack and Morgan’s characters become best buds and traveled the world together, living life to the full and scratching off items on their Bucket List.  I admit their Bucket List had some way cool things to do on it.  Some I’ve done and seen, thanks to the international travel and tourism agency we once worked for.  Anyway, I was thinking, what happens if we take that concept just one step further and create our Career Bucket List?

At the end of the day, what do you want your career to look like?  What major milestones do you want to have completed?  What promotions or levels of success or increased responsibility do you want to have attained?  How many jobs for Veterans do you want to have created?  How many families do you want to have saved from financial hardship, all because you were able to scratch off lines from your Career Bucket List? 

What’s on your Career Bucket List?


See you on the high ground!


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