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Understanding and leveraging the awesome power of certifications, positioning and contracting with the federal government have propelled many businesses to unbelievable heights. What will it do for you and your business? Let Woods Consulting Group position your business to win government contracts.


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On January 28th, 2013, Astra sat down with Sandy Hunter, President of Hunter Hawk, Inc. Take five and read on to hear how Sandy leverages the Astra WBENC network for success.


1. You’ve been an Astra/WBENC WBE for more than ten years. What turned you onto the Astra/WBENC network?

The Shell Martinez Refinery requested that I become certified. I was very resistant because I didn’t understand the need; I was already doing business with Shell and other refineries. My initial reaction is that no one should have access to my business information. Suzanne Lackman, Vice-President of Astra Women’s Business Alliance told me straight up,” You will conform to the WBENC standards or you will not be certified.”  Even though that doesn’t sound like a good beginning, I consider Suzanne the champion of Astra/WBENC standards and I cherish her support.  Both Suzanne and her sister and co-founder Diane McClelland work tirelessly…

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Mission Essential Task List (METL) and the Business Plan

The format and concept of the outline and the Mission Essential Task List (METL) is essentially the same.  Each list a major task that must be accomplished then list smaller sub-tasks under those major tasks.  Unlike in the METL, where smaller sub-tasks are accomplished by subordinate units, in the outline, the smaller sub-tasks will be accomplished by you or members of your T.E.A.M.

Take for example the Business Plan outline.  It lists several major tasks and under each of those tasks are several sub-tasks.  If you have ever had occasion to be involved in training or help develop a unit’s METL, you can certainly develop your company’s Business Plan.  Like the METL, the Business Plan lays out the path to develop and grow from where you currently are to where you want to be.

Both documents are extremely important to the success of our organizations.  Both are living, breathing, dynamic documents that must be used, evaluated and updated as necessary.  Both documents help ensure we get to our desired end-state in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  Your military experience prepared you for many, many things – business ownership is just one of them.


See you on the high ground!               


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Ready, Fire, Aim

There have been many blog posts dedicated to “the process.”  At this point, it is probably safe to say that everyone reading these posts understand that we believe “the process” is a big deal and critically important to success in most endeavors.  Inherent in the process is the sequence of actions performed that make up “the process.” 

The proper sequencing of events is equally important when establishing “the process,” whatever that may be.  The title to this post is not sequenced properly, although it contains all the steps/actions of “the process.”  Anyone that has ever fired a weapon will certainly tell you that Ready, Fire, Aim is not the proper sequence and not the right thing to do under any circumstances. 

Being so excited about an SDVOSB contract opportunity and the potential positive impact winning it can have on the rest of our lives is no reason to prematurely and naively make permanent life changing decisions in our personal and professional lives that WILL impact the rest of our lives.  Proper sequencing is especially critical here!  I cannot over emphasize that point.  

Believe me; I understand that SDVOSB contract opportunities can be quite appealing, especially when we’re trying to break into the Government Contracting arena.  Take your time, catch your breath, and think about what you’re doing, there will be other opportunities that look just as appealing.

See you on the high ground!    

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Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB)

All good warfighters know that you want to gather as much intelligence as possible before heading into battle.  In order to win a contract away from another company, you are waging a form of battle.  The battlefield on which this drama plays itself out is virtually invisible to the human eye, but real all the same.  

Many, if not most of the contracts you pursue will already have someone performing them.  This person or company in many cases is doing a good job and has every intention to hold onto those contracts.  It now becomes your mission to determine how best to win that contract away from the incumbent.  Regardless of the strategy or the process you develop and implement, you are not going to do anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical to win.  

I believe there are some key pieces of information you want to gather to help make your win possible.  There are 6 questions you want to answer.  These 6 questions form the 5 “Ws” and the “How” question.  They are; 

Who:  who currently has the contract I’m going after?

What:  what is their Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that helped them win the contract?

When:  when is the contract I’m going after up for re-bid, when is it going to be re-competed?

Where:  where is the parent company headquarters located? 

Why:  why do we feel we can win this contract away from the incumbent, why should the project owner choose us as the new winner?

How:  how do we actually win the contract away? 

These are examples of the kinds of questions you might want to ask and answers before heading onto the procurement battlefield.  Remember our “Three Simple Truths” #1 and #2, Government Contracting is HARD WORK and Government Contracting TAKES TIME.  

See you on the high ground!   

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