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Growth & Expansion = Options

Your process has been building for some time now.  Everything is lining up just right.  You were smart and sought out experts to help guide you along the way.  Not only that, but you were smart enough to actually listen to and follow the advice of those experts.  No one can be and do all things.  We all need help from time to time.

Because you focused on the things that you do really well and trusted others to handle their responsibilities, your organization grew and you expanded.  It took some time, but now you’re finally here.  Along the way you also created your succession plan that you’ll use at some future point.  Right now, you have other considerations.  Right now, you have options.

Of course the first option is simply do nothing, just keep rocking steady, keep building and growing.  One option might be to exercise your succession plan and travel around the world.  One option might be to provide for your yet unborn great grand children’s future.  Another option might be to start a charitable foundation or fund disadvantaged children’s college education.

You get the picture.  It takes time to get to this point.  It can and will happen for you, when you identify and follow the process.  Be smart enough to get the help and support you need to grow.


See you on the high ground!


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The Shortcuts to Government Contracting

Part of my training and staff development in the U.S. Army included the Army Writing Style.  The Army Writing Style stressed B.L.U.F. That stands for, “bottom line up front.”  So, here goes – there are no shortcuts to Government Contracting!  Yeah, I know, the title appears to suggest there are shortcuts, but the reality is, there aren’t any.  I haven’t found any.  None of the smart people I know have found any.  There is only the process.

We have discussed the process many times over the past couple of years.  Our discussion of the process has not always been about Government Contracting.  Sometimes, the discussions have been about everyday tasks and how we can identify a process that lead to the successful accomplishment of those tasks.  One example was about cutting the lawn, while another was about kitchen renovations.

As you become more seasoned and better established as a Government Contractor, opportunities will begin to find you.  Until then, the best that you can reasonably expect is to have a fair and equal opportunity to compete for and win work.

To help ensure you win your fair share of bid opportunities, you have to read EVERY word of the solicitation, (several times) then, ensure you address every question or concern in the solicitation, dot every “I” and cross every “T” in your proposal.  Do yourself a favor; forget your quest to find shortcuts and just focus on doing your very best job on every solicitation and every contract award.


See you on the high ground!

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