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Creating Options with Your Veteran-Owned Small Business

You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to building your business.  You can take it, as slow or as fast as you like, the choice is yours.  Now that you’re clear on your why, you can settle in for the rollercoaster ride that is business ownership.  You’ve already established the fact that building your business is not an option.  At least, it’s not one that you’ll seriously entertain, ever again.

What does a successful business look like anyway?  A successful business is self-sustaining and provides for your needs and those of your family.  A successful business might have only one (1) employee – you.  A successful business might have multiple employees, in multiple locations, performing multiple tasks and for multiple customers.  A successful business is everything in between.  In both extremes, your successful business is producing a healthy profit.

Regardless of your reason(s) for becoming a business owner, at the end of the day, it’s all about the BENJAMINS!  Money is one of the resources that allow you to make different choices in life.  Money is one of the resources that make it possible for you to have different life experiences. Money is one of the resources that allow you to view and respond to emergencies differently.  Money is one of the resources that allow you to create and have options in your life.

For everyone that thinks this blog focuses too much on money, then you also need to think about this.  Money is like air; you can’t live without either one very long.

See you on the high ground!


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