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“little fish, BIG POND”

This post will start with a definition of key terms used throughout.  They are as follows:

“little fish” = small business

“BIG POND” = ALL federal procurements

 If the “BIG FISH” can and does feed in the “little pond,” then it’s only fair that the “little fish” feed in the “BIG POND”.  Turn about is fair play, right?  Sure it is, but how do we make that happen?  There are several combinations of strategic alliances and engagement strategies that can cause this to be a reality.

Some of the strategic alliances and/or engagement strategies include the Mentor Protégé Programs, Joint Ventures, Teaming, SBA 8(a) Business Development and traditional Prime and Sub relationships.  Be advised, there are various costs associated with each of these options, you need to understand that fact going in. 

 When we employ the strategic alliances and engagement strategies identified above, we will help make it possible for the “little fish” to feed in the “BIG POND.”  Oh, and let me add, we can find capable partners with all the classifications, certifications and qualifications mentioned above in OUR community!  Remember T.E.A.M.  


See you on the high ground!



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