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“Critical Point on the Battlefield”

Several years ago, as a young Captain, stationed at “The Great Place.”  Now, if you’re a soldier, you know where “The Great Place” is located.  For those of you reading this post and not somehow affiliated with the U.S. Army, the place I speak of is none other than Ft. Hood,Texas.  The first time I was stationed there, I worked for a boss that often referred to the “Critical Point on the Battlefield” as he taught, developed and mentored the young officers under his command. 

Some of you might be asking yourselves questions like – What exactly is the “Critical Point on the Battlefield?”  Where exactly is the “Critical Point on the Battlefield?”  How does one identify the “Critical Point on the Battlefield?”  Perhaps even a more basic and fundamental question is – “Are we on a battlefield?”  To that I answer with a resounding YES!  Not only are we on a battlefield, we are in a highly charged and critical battle – a battle to provide for the health, welfare and support of our families, our employees, our brothers and sisters in arms and the Veteran-Owned Business Movement itself. 

This virtual battlefield is laden with traps, ambushes, deception, smoke, minefields and other obstacles all designed to cause chaos and confusion on our part and to make us give in and give up.  But, being the strong willed folk I know us to be, we are going to persevere, we are going to put our heads down and keep grinding it out.  Remember, there are many forces out here that don’t want us to be successful, that don’t want us to achieve even the very juvenile SDVOSB goal attainment of 3% of federal contract awards. 

What do you do when you’ve given it everything you’ve got?  What do you do when you’ve gone as far as you can under your own power?  What do you do when continued progress and ultimately success depends on your very next choice?  What do you do when you reach the “Critical Point on the Battlefield?”  At that critical point, it is time to make a critical decision.  The choice is yours and yours alone.  I am confident you will choose well and choose wisely.


See you on the high ground!



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