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The Power of the List

Most of us are accustomed to working off lists.  Probably the most import list I used back then was the “Pre-Combat Check List.”  Just think about it for a second, that was probably a pretty important list in the “war fighting business.”  Lists served a definite purpose for us when we served, they still serve a definite purpose today.

When the construction contractor completes his work and it is inspected, one of two things generally happens.  They either pass with flying colors or they receive a “Punch List” of areas that need correction.  This “Punch List” tells the contractor exactly what has to be corrected and to what standard.

When you go grocery shopping, I strongly advise you to make and take a list.  When I was in high school, I worked in the food industry, so I know a few things about it.  Studies have actually been done on consumer food buying habits when hungry and both with and without a “Grocery List.”  Let me just share this little secret with you.  The grocery store prays you come shopping when you’re hungry and without a list.

It’s a good thing to use a list no matter if you’re young or old, no matter how smart you are, no matter how good your memory and no matter how many times you’ve done a task or thing.  Lists help ensure we have everything we need to perform any task to standard and to produce the desired results, every time.

What is it that you want to do?  Start or grow your business?  Win more contracts?  Whatever it is, chances are the steps to making that happen can be broken down into a list.  There is power in lists and you’re expert at developing and using them.  Put that power to work for you.


See you on the high ground!  



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