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Why Diversity works and is Necessary

Diversity works and is necessary in the contracting world for what I believe are some very obvious reasons.  All citizens should be given a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the American Dream.  Notice I did not say GIVEN the American Dream, but rather given a fair and equal opportunity.

When multiple vendors compete for work; the supply base grows, new qualified vendors are added to vendor lists, competition makes vendors better and more competitive and competition among vendors helps ensure the government gets the best possible product or service at the best price.

To help ensure the government (tax payers) get the most bang for their buck, it is imperative that the largest possible number of vendors compete and have a fair shot of winning the work.  To help ensure that ordinary people have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the American Dream, everybody has to be provided an opportunity to compete.

Unfortunately, without Diversity goals, large segments of society might continue to be marginalized and NEVER have the opportunity to participate in competition for the American Dream.  Make the most of your opportunity.


See you on the high ground!


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Going from the Vendor List to being a Preferred Vendor

We already know that “Business Development” is a critical step in the development, growth and continued viability of our firms.  We already know that we must somehow let the primes and federal government know who we are.  We already know that subcontracting can be a perfect vehicle to break into the world of contracting.

We already know that going after micro purchases or jobs at the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) is also another way to break into the world of contracting.  We already know the best ways to make these critical steps a reality is through Networking, Marketing, attending site visits, progress briefings, pre-bid conferences and asking for work.

We already know these things are good for our businesses but “How” and “Why” do they really make a difference.  Getting registered and certified in all the right places is a game changer because countless others don’t realize they need to do it and thus will not do it.  That simple step alone sets you apart from upwards of 95% of the other small businesses out here.

Virtually every public contract opportunity has strict diversity goals that “MUST” be met.  If no one knows whom you are and what your capabilities and qualifications are, then who loses?  More tips on this topic later.


See you on the high ground! 

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