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Who’s B.A.D. in 2013?

Nearly 26 years ago, Michael Jackson recorded an album (pre CDs) called BAD.  That album broke and set many sales records and is still selling today.  It produced 5 singles that reached number 1 on the charts.  One of those singles, also called BAD is the impetus for this post.  Part of the lyrics to the “BAD” song asks the question, “Who’s Bad?”  I think that’s a great question for us as well.  Who’s B.A.D.?  Who’s B.A.D. in 2013?

In the music video, MJ was asking that question of his rival in a scene leading up to what appeared to be a subway fight.  MJ said over and over again that he was BAD and we never get to a fight scene.  Fast forward 26 years and I’m asking that same question of you.  Who’s BAD?  Who’s Bold, Audacious and Daring in 2013?  If this is to be the best year of our lives, if we’re going to keep our New Year’s resolutions, if we’re going to grow and expand our businesses, even in a troubled economy, we have to be BAD!

So, I feel comfortable in asking the question.  Who’s B.A.D. in 2013?  Sound off, let us hear your thoughts and game plan for 2013.


See you on the high ground!




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Double Talk and P.L. 109-461

We are a wake up from the 8th Annual National Veterans Small Business Conference and Expo in Detroit.  While I am admittedly excited about attending the conference again this year, I am also not interested in more “double talk” from the very organization that is, because we are. 

My American Heritage Dictionary defines “double talk” as ambiguous or evasive language.  In the case of the VA’s position on P.L. 109-461, our use of the phrase “double talk” is most appropriate.  For those of us new to Government Contracting, P. L. 109-461 is the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006, which gives priority in contracting with the VA to SDVOSBs and VOSBs.

Michael Franks, the Grammy award winning lyrical genius describes “Double Talk” like this.  Every time I asked you to be truthful you lied | And when I lost my temper you cried | Crocodile tears and spoke double talk | It’s the same old alibis and stories again | All you ever give me is double talk.  You’re so jive – sometimes I think your brain was mislaid | You’ve broken every promise you made | You ought to see a doctor for double talk.   

If the very organization that is, because we are refuses to honor and obey P.L. 109-461 and makes it increasingly difficult to get our businesses verified, how are we to compete successfully for contract awards?  Hundreds, if not thousands of Veterans are losing business and many others have gone out of business because of the ineptitude in which the VIP program is managed and administered.  There has to be a better solution.  What are your thoughts?


See you on the high ground!  


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What’s on your Career “Bucket List?”

Most, if not all of us saw the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie, “The Bucket List.”  Also, most of us took to heart the movie’s message of being intentional about what you want in life and going for it.  The movie also reminded us that life is precious, that life is fragile and that life is way, way too short!

In the movie Jack and Morgan’s characters become best buds and traveled the world together, living life to the full and scratching off items on their Bucket List.  I admit their Bucket List had some way cool things to do on it.  Some I’ve done and seen, thanks to the international travel and tourism agency we once worked for.  Anyway, I was thinking, what happens if we take that concept just one step further and create our Career Bucket List?

At the end of the day, what do you want your career to look like?  What major milestones do you want to have completed?  What promotions or levels of success or increased responsibility do you want to have attained?  How many jobs for Veterans do you want to have created?  How many families do you want to have saved from financial hardship, all because you were able to scratch off lines from your Career Bucket List? 

What’s on your Career Bucket List?


See you on the high ground!


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