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Your Business Development Consultant is like Range Control

How many Firing Ranges have you run or participated in over the course of your career?  I’ll give some of you older, longer serving guys an extra minute or two to think about it.  Chances are, you’ve run or participated in quite a few during the course of your service.  What is the one thing you remember about who was REALLY in charge?  Was it you or was it Range Control?  Range Control – that’s right, it was Range Control. 

In business, it is slightly different.  As the owner you ALWAYS have ultimate control of your business and of its actions.  Your Business Development Consultant, if you decide to bring one on to help guide the growth of your company, is there to help keep your “azimuth of fire” straight and to ensure you are laid and safe on the target.  He/she must ensure you are “street legal” at all times.

On the firing range, Range Control tells you when the range is in a Hot or Cold status.  You must request permission from Range Control to change the status of the firing range.  You must conduct periodic communication checks and submit a close out report with Range Control before you can clear the range.  In your own business, that level of accountability to someone else is optional, or is it?  Having someone to hold your feet to the fire is a very good thing and I encourage you to have that person.

We can learn a lot from our time in uniform.  We are more prepared for business and ownership than we might think.  When you’re told you’re over or under qualified for jobs after leaving service, take it all in stride.  They are just giving you more reasons and the motivations to become an independent business owner.


See you on the high ground!


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