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“What is Your Reason Why?”

Why is perhaps the most important question in the English language.  Research shows that when you understand why; your buy in is much greater, your resolve to finish what you started is stronger.  When you understand why, your big picture view becomes so much clearer.  When you understand your why, the forces of the universe conspire to make the seemingly impossible, possible.  When you understand and live your why, you’ll find yourself in what athletes call “The Zone”.

As you continue to build your businesses, you will need to have a clear vision of your why.  Your resolve will be tested as you stretch beyond your comfort zone and go through the growing pains that are certain to come.  You must remember the Three Simple Truths about Government Contracting.

Friends, when you know and live your why, all the Hard Work you invest in your business – won’t matter.  When you know and live your why, all the Time you spend working, studying, researching, planning and developing your business – won’t matter.  Finally, when you start winning, and you will, you will know that Government Contracting is Worth It.

It all starts with knowing your why.


See you on the high ground!


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