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Government Contracting IQ

What is your Government Contracting IQ?  How much do you really know about this business you’re about to invest your life into?  Is your Government Contracting IQ lacking in any area(s)?  Is this potential lack of knowledge costing your VOSB missed opportunities?  Even worse, is your lack of knowledge costing you and your VOSB money?  Is someone exploiting your lifelong Veteran status or your 9 year SBA 8(a) status?  How about any of the other Small Business designations?  Does someone you’re in business with or perhaps in competition with understand certifications or designations better than you and leverage them to their fullest potential? 

No one can know everything about everything, period.  Would you agree with that statement?  Let’s take that idea even further; no one can even know something about everything.  At best, most of us can only hope to know something about the things that interest us most.  Typically, we KNOW our jobs and our work very well!  Repetition has a funny way of causing that to happen.  We strive to learn and know about other aspects of our work and passions.  In the military, we often cross trained and knew how to perform multiple jobs or tasks.  That is a very valuable and marketable skill we still possess, don’t discount it. 

What happens when the Government Contracting Environment exceeds your Government Contracting IQ?  How do you continue to move forward with certainty and success?  What happens when you reach that “Critical Point on the Battlefield?”  There are several options available to solve for these questions.  You can “study yourself approved,” you can get FREE help through various support organizations; you can add someone with the requisite expertise to your team or you could even retain the services of a Coach or a Consultant.  The choice is yours.  I am confident you will make the best and right choice for your particular situation. 


See you on the high ground!   



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