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Preferred Vendor = Consistent Work

Now that you’ve made the short list and become a preferred vendor, you have options and responsibilities.  The kind of options you now have include having the ability to strategically pick and choose the jobs you will pursue and accept.  You no longer feel a need to chase every possible opportunity whether it is a good fit for your company or not.

You no longer feel the need to scramble to pull responses together.  You have developed and refined your processes.  You have proven your systems.  You are winning 20 to 30% of the jobs you go after.  You are making money and your team is gainfully and consistently employed – life is good, right?

With all your success and good fortune comes responsibility.  You now have a responsibility to give back to other small, disadvantaged and minority businesses hungry to achieve success as well.  You have the responsibility to lend a helping hand to advance them and their success.  You received the benefit of mentoring, of coaching, of teaching.  Now it’s your turn to pay it forward.  I know you will do the right thing!


See you on the high ground!




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