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Truth Tellers in Your Veteran-Owned Small Business

You have been in business for a while now and things are great! At least, you’ve gotten past those early years.  You know the ones – the ones when everything you have ever read or ever been told about business ownership – the years when your Veteran-Owned Small Business can fail.

Growth has doubled every year for the past 5 years.  You have been able to expand into 3 new territories.  You have hired 47 new full-time employees and on occasion have used the services of temporary staffing agencies to provide helpers during peak volume seasons.  You have really done well.  You even have some of your old Army buddies on your staff.

You learned all about the Chain of Command long ago and decided to use that model in your own business.  Meaning, everyone had less rank that you, clearly establishing you as the commander.  Everyone up and down the chain is laser focused and dedicated to the mission.  Most of your employees are as committed to the company’s success as you are – what could be better?

As the owner and defacto commander, the buck stops with you.  You never have any problems getting complete buy-in from your other officers and staff.  Your ideas are ALWAYS right – right?  Not so fast.  No one is ALWAYS right.  Let me suggest you need some Truth Tellers on your team.  People that are willing to stand up to you and call foul when something doesn’t make sense.  We all need these people in our businesses and in our lives.


See you on the high ground!    



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