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SAM Essentials

What are System for Award Management (SAM) Essentials you ask?

First, understand the SAM has replaced CCR as the database of vendors wanting to do business with the federal government. It serves the same function as CCR but is a new interface with new enhancements to the old CCR.

SAM Essentials are those parts of the SAM that are critically important to the continued viability of your Veteran-Owned Small Business.  Each part of the SAM is important and the entire document should be kept updated at all times.

Many of the areas I will talk about here may seem intuitive, but you have no idea how many people leave them blank or enter the wrong or inaccurate information.  Some data entry fields on the SAM to pay particular attention to include; the email address, the company URL or website address, the Business Types/Grants, the NAICS codes and the SAM Points of Contact.

Registering in the SAM now takes the place of all the other databases we used to register in.  The SBA Profile and ORCA are now incorporated into SAM.

See you on the high ground!          


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