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Out With the Old, in With the New

Well, this is almost it.  2012 is about to officially come to a close here at home.  The end to this calendar year is just hours away.  What are your plans to celebrate; “Out With the Old, in With the New.”  Many people will attend parties; some having traveled to different cities far across the country and around the world, some will attend religious houses of worship and still others will just stay home and watch the balloon drop.

Regardless of the activity you participate in, one thing is consistent.  The event that you attend was planned.  It was planned to take advantage of a specific time, event or reason.  Someone had to sit down and determine the “Rules of Engagement.”  Whether or not the planning took place days, weeks or months ago is immaterial.  It happened and all the event goers and participants will be happier and enjoy themselves more because of it.

Hosts and event planners want to be in the best possible POSITION to give their guest a memorable experience.  Planning helps make that possible.  As the calendar year ends, so does the 1st quarter for the federal government.  Have you already done your acquisition planning for the rest of the fiscal year?  Will you be in POSITION to take advantage of the 4th quarter?

There is a $100 million dollars plus opportunity just waiting for you to come claim your fair share of it.  All the 2012 opportunities are gone, but the 2013 opportunities are there just waiting for you.  Are you in POSITION?

See you on the high ground!       


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Being Busy verses Being Effective in your Veteran-Owned Small Business

You come to work early and go home late, everyday. You’re busy from the moment you walk in until you turn the lights off at night.  Your business still is not running on all cylinders.  What more can you do?  Each night when you go home, you’re spent, completely exhausted.  There has got to be a better way.  Yep, there is, and we’re going to help you find it.

First thing first, get organized.  You must get and stay organized.  File or action all the stacks of paper on your desk.  Write out your “To Do” list the night before so your efforts will be focused and organized for the next day.  This way you don’t waste time the next morning trying to remember what you’re suppose to be doing.

Use the O.H.I.O. rule everywhere and every time you can.  Only Handle It Once.  It is important to say here that an action passed is not an action completed.

There can be great temptation to put out fires all day, but does that advance your efforts to build a world-class business?  Learn to prioritize all the things that must be done during the course of the day.  Identify all the things that MUST be done by you – when possible delegate everything else.

Brian Tracy says “eat that frog” everyday.  Do the most difficult tasks first thing everyday and stick with it until the task is complete.  I know you will soon see your production go way up.

See you on the high ground!         

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Work ON Your VOSB, Not Just IN Your VOSB

Let’s continue along a line of thought and discussion that should concern all of us, whether we’re in business or not.  That discussion centers on IMPROVEMENT.  How do we improve?  How do we get better?  How do we increase our situational awareness?  How do we reduce if not totally eliminate the hidden traps and unseen dangers?  How do we prepare for the unknowns?  I believe we can all agree that improvement, in some fashion, is necessary for advancement in life as well as in business. 

For those of us currently in business and for those considering starting a business, it is critically important for us to improve.  We’ve already devoted some time and discussion to investing in our Personal and Professional Development.  Now, I want us to consider where we can expect to see the results of those efforts.  We can and will see improvement in our businesses, but there is more.  We can not afford to get so caught up working in our businesses that we forget to work on our businesses.  

Recently, I was reminded of this fact as I listened to one of our star clients speak at a business networking event.  This client spoke of the tremendous growth that happened in their past business.  They were so involved in the daily operations of their business that they didn’t plan for and properly manage the explosive growth that happened to their business.   Sadly, they lost their business. 

When we are one or two deep in our businesses, we wear multiple hats.  It is easy to spend all of our time working in our businesses as everything is left up to us.  If it happens, it’s because we made it happen.  Remember to make and take time to work on your businesses; their long term growth and survival depend on it. 


See you on the high ground! 


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