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Work ON Your VOSB, Not Just IN Your VOSB

Let’s continue along a line of thought and discussion that should concern all of us, whether we’re in business or not.  That discussion centers on IMPROVEMENT.  How do we improve?  How do we get better?  How do we increase our situational awareness?  How do we reduce if not totally eliminate the hidden traps and unseen dangers?  How do we prepare for the unknowns?  I believe we can all agree that improvement, in some fashion, is necessary for advancement in life as well as in business. 

For those of us currently in business and for those considering starting a business, it is critically important for us to improve.  We’ve already devoted some time and discussion to investing in our Personal and Professional Development.  Now, I want us to consider where we can expect to see the results of those efforts.  We can and will see improvement in our businesses, but there is more.  We can not afford to get so caught up working in our businesses that we forget to work on our businesses.  

Recently, I was reminded of this fact as I listened to one of our star clients speak at a business networking event.  This client spoke of the tremendous growth that happened in their past business.  They were so involved in the daily operations of their business that they didn’t plan for and properly manage the explosive growth that happened to their business.   Sadly, they lost their business. 

When we are one or two deep in our businesses, we wear multiple hats.  It is easy to spend all of our time working in our businesses as everything is left up to us.  If it happens, it’s because we made it happen.  Remember to make and take time to work on your businesses; their long term growth and survival depend on it. 


See you on the high ground! 



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