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Battle Sight Zero and your Veteran-Owned Small Business

Long before you fire your M16 on a qualification range, you will determine your “Battle Sight Zero”.  You know you have a great “Battle Sight Zero” when you can place 3 rounds inside a circle the size of a nickel from 25 meters away.  This might sound like a relatively easy task to pull off, but believe me, it is not.  When you do this, you can boast of having a “Tight Shot Group” because you really do!

The goal is to have a “Tight Shot Group” in your business as well.  As you might imagine, this is no easy task.  There are so many areas and aspects of your business that can always be improved upon.  Business ownership is a constantly evolving, constantly challenging, experience of a lifetime that I will not attempt to take on or analyze at this time.

Instead, I will take on 1 aspect or vertical of your business.  Essentially, the same topic we’ve been discussing for quite a while now.  I’ll take on your Government Contracting vertical.  When you can successfully answer the 5 “Ws” and the How question that make up the “Rules of Engagement,” you are refining your “Battle Sight Zero” and are well on your way to having a “Tight Shot Group.” 

Remember how good, efficient and effective you were once you determined your “Battle Sight Zero?”  You will have very similar feelings about your business when your shot group is tight.  Share your adventures so we all learn, grow and develop together. 


See you on the high ground! 



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