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Oxygen Thieves and Your Veteran-Owned Small Business

An “Oxygen Thief” is someone that serves no positive purpose.  They just suck up good, fresh air that positive, forward thinking, success oriented people need.  We have all experienced these people.  Without exception, those experiences have always been bad, especially for us.  These are the people that seem to hang around just to rain on your parade.  They bring you down with their constant negative energy. 

These people wear many different disguises.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Most look like normal people.  They might even come in the form of your good friend or business partner.  You know, the person that always sees the glass as half empty and never half full.  Often, their mere presence can suck the life out of a room filled with people.  

Nothing in their lives is ever right and they try to convince you that nothing is all that great in your life either.  The people always content with accepting the status quo.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  The people never wanting to strive to achieve the next level of success.  The people never wanting to take a chance at something better and worse still, discouraging you from taking a chance at something better.  

Take inventory of your life, if you are not achieving your goals and dreams, there just might be an “Oxygen Thief” somewhere in the picture.  As long as you allow these people to hang around you will always continue to struggle and doubt yourself.  Dare to be bold enough to make positive changes in your life; distance yourself from your “Oxygen Thief” get refocused and back on track.  Surround yourself with positive, productive people. 


See you on the high ground!


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