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The National Veteran Conference (some initial observations)

The 7th Annual National Veteran Small Business Conference & Expo is officially over.  All the event participants have been asked to provide constructive feedback to help shape the content delivery going forward.  When this happens, and I’m confident it will, the conference will only get better.  The VA leadership already implemented some suggested changes BEFORE we departed New Orleans!  The coming Press Releases and changes to acquisition policy all bode well for Veterans and Veteran issues.  Next year’s National Veteran Conference promises to be even better – we will soon have our battle sight zero. 

The following are some of my initial thoughts and observations of this year’s conference.  We were told early on that 4,300 registered attendees were at the conference.  Many more attendees registered onsite, easily making this the largest National Veteran Conference ever!  There were 420 exhibitors at the conference – a 51% increase over last year!  The VA repeatedly sent this message to ALL Veterans, “we are the 1st place to look for contracting opportunities.”  No matter whether you’re selling a product, service or construction, there is a department or a division within the VA that buys what you sell.   

The VA had representatives from ALL 22 VISNs (VA Hospitals) on hand to give an overview and discuss contracting opportunities for their VISN.  The VA held its first ever VA Open House in which an estimated 1,600 Veterans toured their site and participated in various educational and training seminars.  The VA extended the deadline on their Mentor Protégé program from 31 Aug to 15 Sep 11.  Other federal agencies were included in the National Veteran Conference, but make no mistake about it; this conference was clearly about Veterans, by Veterans, for Veterans. 

The National Veteran Conference happens one time each year.  If you’re a Veteran, interested in contracting with the Federal Government and you have to decide which conference to attend – this is it!  This is the one conference you don’t want to miss, period!   

NOTE:  The PPT presentations for all the instructors of all the classes will be available online.  Please keep in mind that it might take a few weeks or so before this information is available.  Check back often to Veterans Business Resources (VBR) for the official site address.  


See you on the high ground!



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