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“A Time and a Season”

There is “A Time and a Season” for everything.  We’ve all heard that phrase at different points in our lives.  Generally, we’ve heard it from a sage elder statesman or elder stateswoman or perhaps even read it in one of our favorite books.  Whatever the case might be, we’ve reached that place in this phase of our evolution.

Life is amazing as the forces of nature can, will and often do conspire to move us forward, to stretch us beyond our comfort zones and perceived levels of development.  It calls us to even greater areas of enlightenment, purpose and responsibility.  Such is the case for me; that time is now and that season has come.

So, effective COB on 27 Sep 12, I’m transitioning from life with the North Texas Small Business Development Center network and to life as an independent consultant with Woods Consulting Group.  I will continue to publish the Veterans Business Resources blog and Facebook page.  I will continue to serve – Mission First, Soldier Always! 

This platform allows me the unique and special opportunity to share with and serve a community of Veterans, patriots and entrepreneurs interested in making the U.S. Government their #1 customer.  With your help, we can take this message and these lessons to an ever-increasing audience.  The time and season to spread this message is now.  Will you help us?


See you on the high ground! 



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